If you are serious about buying a home, find out if you are pre-qualify for a home mortgage.

Why Credit Approved?

We recommend all Buyers get fully underwritten before beginning their home search - knowing exactly how much you can comfortably spend on a home helps narrow the band of homes in your search.  Having credit approval documentation also provides assurance to Sellers that you are a serious Buyer, and helps present your offer in a more positive, competitive manner.

Funding Your Home Purchase

  • Application and interview
  • Buyer provides pertinent documentation, including verification of assets and employment
  • Credit check
  • Loan package submitted to underwriter for approval
  • Buyer to satisfy underwriting conditions
  • Parties notified of approval
  • Appraisal Completed
  • Title search, insurance
  • Borrowers (Buyers) sign loan documents (~2-5 days prior to COE)
  • Lender reviews the loan package
  • Funds wired to escrow (~1-2 days prior to COE)
  • Escrow records the deed in your name
  • Ownership transfers once notice of recording is received. Then you get keys!

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